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Obituaries in Leesburg, Florida. Local obituaries, local passings, local information on the deceased in Leesburg and Lake County, Florida. Local funeral home listings and links for individual condolences.

Rosalie Ann Finke

Rosalie Ann Finke, of Leesburg, passed away Wednesday, October 28, at the age of 77.

Aubrey Morris

Aubrey Morris was an educator, earning his PhD, and also served as a coach and principal. Upon retirement from education, he sold insurance for Met Life.

Darrell Paul Carr

Darrell Carr enjoyed traveling, sports car collecting, being an avid football fan and was normally always happy and was known for loving to have a good time.

Charles Frederick Egner Jr.

Through years of good work, Chuck Egner became known as one of the best drywall contractors in Lake County.

Linda Louise Moody

Linda Moody was a Mary Kay cosmetic director for 10 years and was awarded the famous Pink Cadillac.

Timothy A. Shay

Timothy Shay loved riding & working on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Robert S. “Bobby-O” Grzeszczak

Robert Grzeszczak was an avid golfer and loved to play poker with his friends.

Billy David Welch

Billy ran his own flight training business at Leesburg Airport, over the years teaching more than 400 students how to fly.

Deborah Marie Puoci

Debbie Puoci's interests included swimming, doing word puzzles and watching the birds, among other things.

Doris Elizabeth Smith

Doris Smith was a factory worker and was of the Christian faith.