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HTeaO opening first location in Leesburg this week

A fast-growing Texas tea company is opening one of its first locations in Central Florida in Leesburg later this week. 

HTeaO is opening its first location in Leesburg on July 13, 2024
HTeaO is opening its first location in Leesburg on July 13, 2024. (Staff photo)

HTeaO will officially open its doors at 914 N 14th Street in Leesburg on Saturday, July 13.

The store opening comes nearly two years after Leesburg-News.com first announced HTeaO‘s expansion into the city.

HTeaO in Leesburg, Florida
HTeaO is located at 914 N 14th Street in Leesburg, Florida. (Staff photo)

The company has nearly 150 locations throughout the nation, including dozens in the Lone Star State and eight locations here in the Sunshine State. There are also HTeaO locations in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

They offer 25 different tea-based beverages in a Starbucks-like setting. There is also a drive-through lane.

HTeaO will be opening soon in Leesburg
A drive-thru service lane will be available at HTeaO in Leesburg.

HTeaO is located at the previous Jeff’s Health Foods store which was at the corner of North 14th Street and Citizens Boulevard, next door to the incredibly popular Wolfy’s restaurant.

For years, Gary Hutchens had been selling his flavored iced teas in his burger restaurant Buns Over Texas. Having seen his drive-through iced tea business continue to grow, he made a strategic decision to use the construction of his new Buns Over Texas as an opportunity to add a dedicated tea store to the end of his new building. It was the birth of HTeaO.

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