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Ballfields and multipurpose fields to close for nematode treatment

The Bermuda grass on various ballfields and multipurpose fields will be treated for nematodes on Monday, July 8, and Tuesday, July 9. The treated areas will be caution taped off, and no one is permitted within 30 feet of these areas for 24 hours during and after treatment.

The ball fields at North Lake Regional Park (40730 Roger Giles Rd, Umatilla), East Lake Sports and Community Complex (24809 Wallick Rd, Sorrento), and Minneola Athletic Complex (13930 Education Ave, Minneola) will be treated on Monday, July 8.

The multipurpose fields at North Lake Regional Park, Minneola Athletic Complex, and P.E.A.R. Park Gateway (26701 U.S. Highway 27, Leesburg) ball fields will be treated on Tuesday, July 9.

All areas will be reopened once they are deemed safe.

For more information, contact The Lake County Office of Parks & Trails at (352) 253-4950.

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