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Man hospitalized after getting intoxicated outside ex-girlfriend’s apartment

An Ocala man was arrested after getting drunk outside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and attempting to drive away with deputies still in the vicinity.

Miguel Ray Caraballo
Miguel Ray Caraballo

Deputies were dispatched to a civil disturbance at 2280 E. Orange Avenue in Eustis around 7:08 p.m. Monday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

Upon arrival, the deputies met with the female complainant who advised that her ex-boyfriend, identified as 48-year-old Miguel Ray Caraballo, was at her residence refusing to leave. He had been drinking and fell about four times at her residence, the report said. 

When the deputies got there, Caraballo was sitting in the driver’s seat of his turned off red 2013 Kia while drinking a 16oz can of Budweiser. He had three other identical empty cans in his vehicle along with an empty Budweiser box that indicated on the label that eight cans came in the box. The smell of alcohol came from his body, the report said. 

The complainant advised that she wanted Caraballo to leave her residence. He told her that he was not leaving, so she stated that she wanted him trespassed from her house, an apartment complex. He was parked in the shared parking lot of the complex and was told that if he returned to the complainant’s porch, he would be arrested, the report said. 

Due to Caraballo’s visible intoxication, he was advised to call a ride to pick him up. His phone was dead at the time, so he could not make a call. A deputy asked him who he was trying to call so he could assist him, but he became belligerent, the report said. 

Caraballo made the statement that he was aware that he was too intoxicated to drive himself home. He stated that if he drove away, the deputies would arrest him. The deputies reiterated that he would be arrested if he tried to drive his vehicle in the condition he was in, the report said. 

The deputies then started to walk back to their vehicles. Within less than five minutes, the complainant came around the corner to see if they had left the complex. While reassuring her that they were still in the vicinity, they heard Caraballo close his car door and start his vehicle, the report said. 

One of the deputies approached Caraballo at his driver’s side window while the other pulled his vehicle around to conduct a traffic stop. They asked Carabello if he would consent to field sobreity exercises, but he refused to do them. He was instead asked to step out of his vehicle, and he had a hard time following directions, the report said. 

Once Caraballo was out of his vehicle, he was arrested. He stumbled onto his knees due to his intoxication while a deputy walked him over to a patrol car. Another deputy had to assist in getting him over to a car, the report said. 

Caraballo again struggled to walk from the patrol car to the door when they arrived at Lake County Jail. The deputy had to call for help to get him inside. He could not stand on his own inside the jail and had to be put in a chair to prevent him from falling, the report said. 

The jail nurse was asked to check out Caraballo, and she determined he needed to go to the hospital to be evaluated. While there, his attitude was up and down. He was talkative and refused to cooperate with hospital staff, the report said. 

The doctor declined to put in an order for a urine sample from Caraballo. The deputy asked Caraballo if he would provide a breath or urine sample, but he refused even after being read implied consent. He was ultimately cleared by medical staff and taken back to jail, the report said. 

The New York native was charged with DUI, and bond was set at $1,000. 

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