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Man spots ex-girlfriend at club and allegedly damages her vehicle

A Groveland man was arrested for breaking into and damaging his ex-girlfriend’s car after following her home from a club in Orlando.

Clevin Marci Varela Garcia
Clevin Marci Varela Garcia

A deputy responded to a vehicle burglary at an undisclosed Groveland residence around 2:46 a.m. Sunday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Upon his arrival, the female victim advised that she only spoke Spanish. Mascotte PD arrived on scene and assisted with the interview process. 

The victim explained that she was at Scorpion Nightclub, located at 630 Emeralda Road in Orlando, when she spotted her ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Clevin Marci Varela Garcia. He went to approach her, but she felt scared that he was going to batter her. She quickly left the club, the report said. 

The victim was driving back to her residence when she noticed Varela Garcia following her. When she got back to her residence, she quickly exited her vehicle and went inside her house. Varela Garcia was at her residence at that point and broke into her vehicle using a shim, the report said. 

Varela Garcia caused damage to the victim’s vehicle. This was done to the center console where the radio and A/C controls were pulled out of the broken housing. There was also damage to the right passenger door from where the shim was used to get into the vehicle, the report said. 

The right front headlight was missing the corner yellow running light, as well. The victim’s wallet containing $50, credit cards and four social security cards were missing from her vehicle. Varela Garcia had left his Florida license plate tag to his red Toyota Tacoma in the passenger seat, the report said. 

Varela Garcia then got back into his truck and left the victim’s residence. She quickly got into her vehicle and followed him to one of his friends’ residences in Mascotte. She gave the original incident location of his address to the MPD, the report said. 

When speaking with Groveland PD, it was found that the incident happened at the undisclosed address, and the victim was told to go back to the incident location to wait for law enforcement. The MPD assisted the LCSO by having the victim ride with them to show the location where Varela Garcia went. However, they were met with negative results, the report said. 

Several deputies then went to the registered address of Valera Garcia, located at 256 Catherine Lane. When they got to the residence, deputies observed the red Toyota Tacoma parked behind the residence, and it was missing the Florida license plate. The deputies tried to make contact at the front door along with Groveland and Mascotte PDs who were assisting for translation, the report said. 

A female individual made contact at the door and advised that Valera Garcia was inside, eventually having him come to the front door. Mascotte PD read him his rights, and he agreed to continue with further questioning, the report said. 

Valera Garcia stated that he got into an altercation at the club in Orlando. However, he denied ever going to the victim’s address. He also advised that while at the club in Orlando, he admitted to going into the vehicle and pulling out the car stereo and A/C controls, the report said. 

The native of Honduras was subsequently arrested on charges of burglary to unoccupied vehicle, criminal mischief and petit theft. He was transported to Lake County Jail and released after posting $8,000 bond. 

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