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Suspected burglar allegedly found sitting in pool after ransacking home

A Leesburg woman suspected of burglary was allegedly found sitting in the pool of the house she ransacked.

Marci Lynn Mcghan
Marci Lynn Mcghan

Officers responded to an undisclosed Leesburg residence regarding a burglary around 9:36 p.m. Friday, May 31, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. While on the way, dispatch advised that the suspect, later identified as 48-year-old Marci Lynn Mcghan, was present on the back porch of the residence. 

Upon arrival, officers made contact with Mcghan sitting at a patio table within the curtilage of the residence. She told them that she was at the residence to seek help in calling 911 because she was recently the victim of multiple crimes, the report said. 

One officer continued speaking with Mcghan while a K-9 unit entered the residence through an unsecured rear sliding glass door and walked through the home. He observed the bedrooms and bathrooms to be ransacked and rummaged through, the report said. 

The homeowner was spoken to over the phone, and he advised that he wanted to prosecute for criminal charges. Mcghan was subsequently detained and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle, the report said. 

An officer then spoke with the complainant who explained that he was at the back of the residence dropping off lawn equipment when he heard a voice coming from the rear patio, the report said. He knew the homeowner was not home and believed the voice to be the residence alarm. The voice on the alarm sounded like “Jada,” so he said, “Hey Jada, it’s me. We over here.” 

The complainant heard the voice respond, “Who? I broke in.” He approached the screen patio area of the residence and saw Mcghan in the pool. He proceeded to contact the LPD, the report said. 

Mcghan was then read her rights. She advised that she was across the street at a business trying to have the employee call 911 for her when he denied her request. She came to the residence in an attempt to have the residence call 911 for her instead. No one answered the front door, so she rang the doorbell camera thinking it would call 911 for her, the report said. 

Mcghan walked around the side of the residence and entered the screened-in patio area. She denied going into the residence and rummaging or ransacking it, the report said. 

The Michigan native was arrested on charge of burglary of unoccupied dwelling (no forced entry). She was transported to Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,500 bond. 

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