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Woman taken by ambulance to Leesburg hospital after suffering head injury allegedly inflicted by sister

A Webster woman was arrested when a remote she threw at her sister sent her to the hospital with a bleeding head wound.

Brandi Brianna Scott
Brandi Brianna Scott

An officer responded to an assisted EMS complaint at an undisclosed Leesburg residence around 9:04 p.m. Friday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. Dispatch advised that the caller stated the victim had a head injury. 

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the female victim who was bleeding from the head. She stated that her sister, 21-year-old Brandi Brianna Scott, had a disagreement with her boyfriend. The victim walked out of the residence to separate herself from the argument. Scott then threw what the victim believed to be a cellphone, striking her in the back of the head, the report said. 

EMS subsequently arrived on the scene and transported the victim to UF Health-Leesburg Hospital, located at 600 E. Dixie Avenue, for treatment. While at the hospital, the victim reaffirmed her recollection of the incident and advised that she did not want to write a sworn statement of the incident. However, she attested on body camera that her statement was true, the report said. 

A witness to the incident, Scott’s boyfriend, stated that the victim walked outside to speak with Scott. As she was walking back inside the residence, Scott threw a Roku remote, striking the victim in the back of the head. Scott then left the residence and contacted LPD, the report said. 

While on the scene, the officer observed an abrasion about two inches long on the back of the victim’s head with fresh blood, corroborating the victim’s story of the incident. He also noticed a Roku remote lying on the floor of the residence where the victim was struck, the report said. 

Scott was arrested on charge of simple battery (domestic) and transported to Lake County Jail. Bond was set at $1,000. 

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