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Women wanted out of Highlands County found hiding out in trailer

A Leesburg woman and her female companion were arrested on Highlands County warrants after a tip led deputies to their trailer hideout.

Bobbi Lynn Smith
Bobbi Lynn Smith
Jamie Rose Robins
Jamie Rose Robins

Deputies responded to 9239 East Treasure Island Road around 11:52 a.m. Monday regarding a wanted person tip that was received by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

A synopsis of the wanted person tip described the property as having three trailers and a house. The house would be behind the trailers with two females in it that were both hiding from law enforcement, meaning 46-year-old Jamie Rose Robins and 62-year-old Bobbi Lynn Smith, the report said. 

When deputies arrived at the residence, they spoke with a man who advised that he was unaware of a female named Jamie who lived on the property. He gave deputies permission to walk on the property to find any other people who may have been staying in the other residences. They followed a series of cardboard signs that were giving directions for an Amazon driver to a trailer that appeared to be occupied, the report said. 

Deputies knocked on the door and spoke to a woman, later identified as Robins, asking her if she knew any of the people listed in the wanted-person tip. She advised she did not but gave them consent to search the residence, the report said. 

When deputies entered the residence, one of them talked to Smith who was seated in her bedroom. He obtained her Florida ID and learned she held an active Highlands County warrant. She was subsequently secured, and a hit confirmation was sent to HCSO. This was ultimately confirmed, leading to Smith being placed into custody, the report said. 

The same deputy later requested identification from Robins. She advised that she did not have ID on her but provided an inaccurate name, date of birth and social security number. This information showed that the name she provided was free of warrants, the report said. 

While deputies were on scene, they expressed to Smith that it was odd concerning that she had a Highlands County warrant, and the information given to them indicated she would be in the company of Jamie Robins who also had a warrant. One of the deputies asked her if she knew the whereabouts of Robins, and she made a head gesture toward Robins. Ultimately, the deputies determined it best to separate the two women and further question Robins, the report said. 

Deputies looked in the room to find Robins. She was sitting inside and indicated that “Robins” left the residence two hours ago. She appeared to be oddly nervous while deputies were looking in the room, the report said. 

Deputies continued speaking with Robins, requesting that she step outside for further questioning. As they did so, one of the deputies received an image of the real woman matching the name Robins provided. This was not of the person who they were speaking with although there were noticeable similarities between the two. She was asked to provide her information again, but she was adamant about the name she gave, the report said. 

Due to the probability that Robins was giving false information, a deputy was asked to respond to the location with a fingerprint scanner. While waiting for their arrival, the deputy was able to get the female to admit that the information she gave was for her daughter and to admit her true identity, the report said. 

Robins was secured in handcuffs, and a hit confirmation was sent to HCSO that was indeed confirmed. The HCSO was advised that Robins would have additional charges, the report said. 

Both suspects were then transported to Lake County Jail. Robins was charged with false name to law enforcement officer and given a bond of $1,000. Smith was charged for violating probation for constructive possession in Highlands County. The New Jersey native was held without bond. 

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