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Inspector finds numerous violations at popular Mexican restaurant in Leesburg

An inspector found numerous health code violations at a popular Mexican restaurant in Leesburg.

The inspector initially found numerous violations at El Ranchito, located at 911 W. North Boulevard, on Feb. 20, according to an inspection report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  

Issues with employees included a cook not changing gloves after touching soiled plates, an employee prepping food without a hair restraint and an employee’s drink on a food prep table. Also, some employees did not have proof of required state approved employee training. 

El Ranchito in Leesburg
El Ranchito in Leesburg

Additionally, soda syrup, cooking oil and a bag of beans were stored on the floor. Stored food, including cooked pork, chicken and bucket of beans, was uncovered. Cooked peppers were not properly date marked, and in-use knives were stored between a wall and pipe. 

Other violations, of which persisted into a follow-up inspection this past Wednesday, included unsecured carbon dioxide and helium tanks, missing or damaged floor tiles, loose faucets in the kitchen and hot water turned completely off at an employee hand wash sink.

The restaurant met inspection standards and was given extended time to deal with the remaining violations. 

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