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Leesburg man tasered by police as girl friend placed under Baker Act

A Leesburg man was arrested when he interfered with his girlfriend being put under a Baker Act, leading to a deputy deploying a taser on him.

Cody Travis Salisbury
Cody Travis Salisbury

Deputies responded to a woman that had possibly mutilated herself at Country Life mobile home park, located at 84 Samir Lane, around 7:31 p.m. Thursday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Law enforcement received a call from 30-year-old Cody Travis Salisbury who stated that his pregnant girlfriend had just killed their baby by cutting her vagina and mutilating herself. 

Upon the deputies’ arrival, they met with Salisbury. He explained that his girlfriend locked herself in the bedroom directly in front of the front door to the residence. Contact was then made with his girlfriend who advised she was OK and that she did not mutilate herself. She refused to be seen by Lake County EMS and became very irate behind the door, the report said. 

It was decided that she would be placed under law enforcement baker act to prevent her from causing harm to herself or others. She then agreed to leave the bedroom to be seen by Lake County EMS, the report said. 

Once EMS arrived, his girlfriend willingly met with them within the driveway of her residence. She was medically cleared, and the deputy tried to put her in custody to fulfill the Baker Act. However, she began to passively resist by locking her arms and refusing to place her hands behind her back, the report said. 

Salisbury then approached his girlfriend after being told multiple times by deputies to stand back and began wrapping his arms around her chest. This further prevented law enforcement from placing her in handcuffs while she resisted deputies. He was given several lawful orders to stand back and release her, but he did not comply, the report said. 

Deputies then tried to place Salisbury into custody to prevent him from interfering in their lawful duties, however he began to actively resist them, resulting in him struggling on the floor with deputies. He pulled his arms away and tried to overpower deputies on scene. Upon seeing this resistance, one of the deputies unholstered his taser and successfully deployed two prongs into Salisbury in efforts to deescalate the situation and place him into custody, the report said. 

Salisbury was then placed into custody to be transported to the Lake County Jail. On the way, he began hitting and kicking the passenger side door while screaming obscenities. The deputy had to pause transport and secure Salisbury to prevent him from destroying county property. Upon stopping the patrol vehicle, Salisbury made claims of a possible asthma attack, and Lake County EMS responded to render aid, the report said. 

After being medically cleared, Salisbury was taken to Lake County Jail on charge of obstructing justice. He was released upon posting $500 bond. 

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