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Leesburg man arrested after getting into arguments with two women

A Leesburg man was arrested for battery after getting into arguments with two women, one of which was his pregnant girlfriend.

Austin Lee Karr
Austin Lee Karr

A deputy responded to a battery in progress at an undisclosed Leesburg residence around 10:30 a.m. Monday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

Upon arrival, the first victim advised that 22-year-old Austin Lee Karr had been in an argument with his girlfriend of two years, the second victim. She left the residence after the argument and blocked Karr’s phone number so he could not contact her. He then asked the first victim to use her phone to contact his girlfriend, the report said. 

The first victim denied Karr access to her cell phone, and he grabbed her hair tie, which she used to keep her hair back. He pulled the hair tie out, pulling her hair in the process. She sustained no visible injuries, the report said. 

A witness, Karr’s grandfather, stated he saw Karr pull the first victim’s hair. He did not wish to provide an affidavit, the report said. 

Karr advised that he was in a verbal argument with the first victim, during which she pulled her own hair, removing the hair tie. He denied touching her and stated that both arguments between himself and the two victims were entirely verbal. He was then placed under arrest and transported to the Lake County Jail without incident, the report said. 

Once Karr was clear of the incident location, the second victim returned to speak with deputies. She explained that she had been dating Karr for two years and was pregnant with his child. She came to his residence to talk about ending their relationship and child custody, the report said. 

Karr became upset during the conversation and took her phone to look through her messages. They both sat on the couch as he became upset and accused her of cheating. He then placed his legs over hers as she was seated, pinning her to the couch. He did not allow her to get up until she stated she was nauseous, after which he removed his legs but blocked the doorway, the report said. 

After a while, the second victim took her phone back and slipped out of the door, past Karr and into her vehicle. He tried to prevent her from leaving by blocking her path as she left the area. The total amount of time she was prevented from leaving was about one hour, the report said. 

The report noted that the first victim was present from the incident between Karr and his girlfriend. She corroborated her story and stated the second victim was unable to leave due to Karr’s actions, the report said. 

Karr was charged with simple battery (domestic) and false imprisonment (domestic). Bond for the Ohio native was set at $10,000.

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