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Man arrested for alleged molestation of stepson’s girlfriend

A Clermont man was arrested Friday after a young girl told law enforcement that her boyfriend’s stepfather allegedly molested her and sent her nude photos.

Alexander Ryan Wilde
Alexander Ryan Wilde

On Monday, Jan. 29, deputies responded to a residence, located at 6702 Lake Kirkland Drive, regarding allegations of inappropriate text message conversations between an adult male and a juvenile female, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

One of the deputies spoke to an unidentified male who advised that he approached his grandmother with text messages between the female juvenile victim and his stepfather, 32-year-old Alexander Ryan Wilde, that occurred around December 2022. The messages were sexual in nature and discussed a sexual relationship between the victim and Wilde, who was 31 at the time, the reports said. 

Wilde’s stepson stated that he saw indicators that the victim and Wilde may have been communicating sexually and searched through Wilde’s phone on his own accord around December 2022. He found and took pictures of the messages to report now. The content of the messages included conversations discussing Wilde and the victim being “friends with benefits,” discussing “touching” and wherein Wilde stated, “it would be nice you sleep over just we have to be careful,” the report said. 

Deputies thus contacted the victim’s mother who agreed to speak with detectives on Tuesday. She advised that she learned a few months ago from the victim that Wilde was sexually speaking with her through text messages. She also stated that she and the victim were not in the right place at that time to report the messages to law enforcement, but they were ready and wished to prosecute, the report said. 

A detective then interviewed the victim who was asked what had occurred. She explained that sometime near the end of 2022, she dated the unidentified male for about two or three months. In December 2022, she received the phone number of his stepfather, Wilde, and began to communicate with him through text for transportation reasons, the report said. 

However, for two or three weeks in December, the victim began receiving sexually explicit text messages from Wilde where he discussed that he would like to perform acts on her. She also received nude photographs of Wilde, some of which showed his face, genitals and residence that she entered on at least one occasion and could identify. She documented these messages and photos on a USB drive and was willing to turn them over to law enforcement, the report said. 

On one occasion, the victim spent the night at Wilde’s house with his stepson, however he fell asleep before she did. So, she went to the living room and laid on the couch. Wilde approached her, began to kiss her and touched her breasts underneath her clothing, the report said. 

A detective was later given the USB on Thursday. This drive was submitted to LSCO forensics and processed, which yielded text message conversations where Wilde discussed the difference in their age, kissing and cuddling the victim, and a BDSM Test results picture, the report said, 

Additionally, it appeared Wilde sent the victim three sexual images, the report said. The first image was as she described with Wilde standing in front of a bathroom mirror naked. The second image was a screenshot of a male holding his penis with the text message stating, “I be happy to guide you through hun, I will choke easy.” The third image was again a male holding his penis with the text message stating, “I mean I can send you a naughty video?” 

On Friday, the detective met with Wilde’s stepson and the victim in Leesburg for a forensic interview. She again described what she told the detective to include her being kissed and molested by Wilde through his actions of touching her breasts under the clothes. She further stated that during this incident, Wilde began asking, or enticing, her to give him oral sex, but she refused. She also stated that she received nude photographs from Wilde, the report said. 

Two detectives then met with Wilde at his residence. He was told multiple times that he did not have to speak with law enforcement but chose to. He initially denied any sexual contact through physical or electronic means. He also stated that he believed the victim was 16 years old, and he knew her as his stepson’s girlfriend, the report said. 

However, through interview techniques, Wilde began to confess to kissing the victim on the mouth on one occasion around December 2022 when she stayed the night with his stepson. During this incident, he confessed to touching the victim’s bare breast with his hand and grabbing her buttocks, the report said. 

On another occasion when Wilde was driving the victim home, he kissed her on the mouth. He further admitted to sending nude photographs to the victim. He stated that him talking to the victim and the molestation incidents happened over a one-week period. The detectives then showed him the three nude photographs that were turned over by the victim, and he stated he sent each of them to her, the report said. 

The Maryland native was arrested on three counts of lewd and lascivious molestation (victim older than 12 but less than 16, offender over 18), three counts of transmission of material harmful to minors and three counts of unlawful use of two-way communication device. He was transported to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $112,500.

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