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Leesburg man sentenced to life in prison for forcing young girl into sex acts

A Leesburg man has been sentenced to life in prison for forcing a young girl to engage in sexual acts.

Joseph Andrew Giampa
Joseph Andrew Giampa

Joseph Andrew Giampa, 36, through his defense attorney, conveyed an offer to serve the rest of his natural life in prison. At the request of the victim’s family and with the interests of the child victim in mind, the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office agreed to this resolution. Under this agreement, Giampa will spend the remainder of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

“Resolution in less than 100 days is proof that Florida’s capital punishment statute for sexual battery of children is effective,” commented Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Bill Gladson. “By passing this law, the Florida legislature and the governor have sent a message that Florida has zero tolerance for those who prey upon our most vulnerable and that the punishment will be certain, swift and severe.” 

Last year, investigators found a video on Giampa’s laptop of a female juvenile victim being recorded by an adult man, later identified as Giampa, holding the camera and talking to her. Over the course of the video, Giampa gave the juvenile victim instructions. At one point, he exposed himself and sat in a chair facing the juvenile victim, the report said. 

The juvenile victim began performing oral sex on Giampa. During this time, Giampa told her that he knew she probably did not like it although he said he liked it more specifically because she did not enjoy it. A short time later, Giampa got behind her and penetrated her vagina, the report said. 

Giampa was indicted by a grand jury in December 2023 for six counts of sexual battery upon a person under 12 years of age and three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child. Shortly after Giampa was indicted, Gladson filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty in the case pursuant to Florida Statutes 794.011(2)(a) and 921.1425, both of which pertain to the death penalty regarding sexual battery as a capital felony.  

Assistant State Attorney Nicholas Camuccio and Katie Cosden prosecuted the case. 

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