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Suspected stalker arrested after unwanted calls and house visits

A Leesburg man was arrested for stalking a woman after repeatedly making unwanted calls and showing up at her house. 

Richard Eugene Clark
Richard Eugene Clark

Police responded to an undisclosed Lake County residence regarding threats made to a female victim around 11:31 a.m. Tuesday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. 

Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim advised that 58-year-old Richard Eugene Clark had been sending her concerning phone calls and text messages. The number of calls had been increasing regularly for the last few weeks. The victim showed the officer the call history on her phone, which showed that Clark called her two times Dec. 1, one time Dec. 2, 15 times Dec. 3 and 26 times Dec. 4, the report said. 

The officer was also shown footage captured on a ring camera of Clark coming to the victim’s house multiple times during the week of Dec. 1-5. In the videos, Clark was seen coming to the residence, knocking and saying alarming things about not having a man in the house, the report said. 

The officer collected eight voicemails Clark left on the victim’s cellphone. They were all of Clark highly agitated about an unknown male having sexual relations with the victim. He could be heard in one voicemail identifying himself and on another stating the victim better not think about calling the police, the report said. 

The victim also provided a series of screenshots taken from her brother’s cellphone of Clark saying he was going to kill the unknown male and then commit suicide in her front yard. The victim stated she was unsure who the male Clark was speaking of, and she was not currently in any sort of relationship. She did not provide any information or texts where Clark threatened the victim, just the unknown male, the report said. 

During the investigation, the officer verified that the victim was under enormous amounts of distress from the unwanted calls and attention of Clark. She showed the officer messages telling Clark to stop calling and texting her. She also had him blocked on all social media platforms, the report said. 

Clark stated his full name in a voicemail, which the officer deduced was the same number repeatedly calling. He verified that Clark had been trying to contact the victim constantly and unwantedly, the report said. 

The victim provided an address for Clark, located at 504 Lee Street, and he was placed under arrest. During this process, he asked the officer to bring his cell phone with him to jail. The report noted this was the same phone used to call the victim. 

The North Carolina native was charged with simple stalking (domestic). He was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $5,000 bond.

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