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Suspect arrested in theft of cell phones in Mount Dora

An Orlando woman was arrested for theft after law enforcement found two of three stolen phones in her possession.

Mabel Lenora Paul
Mabel Lenora Paul

A deputy responded to a battery complaint at an undisclosed Mount Dora residence around 6:59 a.m. Friday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the complainant, 36-year-old Mabel Lenora Paul. She stated that she was battered by another female individual, later determined to be the victim. Paul claimed that the victim threw her to the ground and hit her multiple times all over her body, although there were no physical markings that attested to her statement, the report said.

The deputy then talked to the victim, who stated that three cell phones were missing from within one of the bedrooms of the residence where she lived. No one had permission to enter her bedroom, and nothing should have been removed, the report said.

The victim also stated that the alleged physical occurrence that Paul described did not happen, and she only wanted her phones back because she suspected Paul took them. The phones were described as Androids that she was able to provide passwords for, the report said.

Contact was made with the landlord who stated that she was there and only saw the verbal altercation. She did not see any physical contact between Paul and the victim. Due to this, the physical altercation was deemed unfounded, the report said.

Paul later gave the deputy consent to search her bedroom for the missing phones. He noticed an Android phone in between the head of the blow-up mattress and the wall. The victim stated the phone belonged to her son and that it had a picture of him as the screen saver, the report said.

The victim further stated she could provide a passcode for it. The code indeed unlocked the phone, and it was turned over to her. Her phone along with another individual’s was still missing, and she stated she could give passcodes for those, as well, the report said.

Paul was then secured in hand restraints and searched. Two phones were found in the right front pocket of her shorts. One was an iPhone, and the other was an Android that the victim described and gave the passcode for. The third cellphone belonging to her was not found during the incident, and she estimated its value to be about $120, the report said.

A criminal history check conducted on Paul revealed one prior theft conviction, the report said.

Paul was subsequently arrested on charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and petit theft (more than $100 less than $750). She was transported to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $11,000.


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