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Habitual traffic offender arrested after driving to pick up purchase made on Facebook Marketplace

A Leesburg man was arrested for driving without a license when he made a trip to pick up items purchased through Facebook Marketplace.

Robert Royce Overlock
Robert Royce Overlock

Police observed the driver of a black Chevy SUV, later identified as 44-year-old Robert Royce Overlock, traveling southbound on North Bay Street around 11:41 a.m. Sunday, according to an arrest report from the Eustis Police Department.

The officer started to run the vehicle’s license plate, but it made a quick right turn into Ferran Park at 50 Ferran Park Drive. The officer continued south on North Bay Street and learned there was no information for the vehicle on file. He then saw the same SUV passing East Magnolia Avenue and turned into Ferran Park to initiate a traffic stop as it pulled into a parking spot, the report said.

Overlock stepped out of the driver’s seat and began to walk away as the officer pulled in behind him with his emergency lights on. He explained the reason for the stop, and Overlock stated the plate was a dealer plate he uses to test drive vehicles to make sure they are in good running shape before being sold. He also stated that he was based out of Bushnell, the report said.

The officer asked Overlock what brought him all the way out to Eustis, and he replied that he went to pick up some items that he bought on Facebook Marketplace. He proceeded to show the officer two plastic wrestling championship belts which he was going to hang up on his wall. The officer informed him that he could not use the dealer plate for personal use, the report said.

Overlock began to recant the statement about buying the belts and stated he was driving the vehicle to test the transmission. Still, the officer checked the vehicle’s VIN to ensure it was not listed as stolen. While not stolen, the vehicle was registered to a man who was deceased according to his license, the report said.

This prompted the officer to ask Overlock for his own license, to which he stated he did not have one. He instead provided his name and date of birth. This revealed that he was a habitual traffic offender with 10 suspensions, revocations and cancellations dating back to 2017, the report said.

Overlock was subsequently arrested on charge of driving while license suspended (habitual). The Massachusetts native was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond.

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