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New Jersey couple’s spat interrupts Florida vacation with trip to jail

A New Jersey man was arrested under suspicion of battering a woman while they were on vacation together in Groveland. 

Nicholas Veglatte
Nicholas Veglatte

Police responded to an undisclosed Groveland residence regarding a verbal altercation and a female victim leaving on foot late Wednesday night, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim had already returned to the residence. She explained that she was trying to sleep when 39-year-old Nicholas Veglatte began to film her with his phone, making comments about her being on drugs or intoxicated. She got up and started making her way out of the residence to separate herself from him, the report said. 

While doing so, Veglatte shoved her with enough force to cause her to stumble and fall onto a hard unknown surface and table. She sustained a golf ball sized bulge to her forehead and a bloody upper lip, the report said. 

The victim further stated that she fell while walking down a dirt road in the dark after she left, however she landed in soft sand and was certain the injuries were caused by being shoved. She also recorded the incident, but Veglatte took her phone, the report said. 

At that point, the officer spoke with Veglatte, who advised he and the victim were on vacation from out of state. He stated the victim began to frustrate him because she was taking too much of her medicine, so he began to film her with his phone, the report said. 

Veglatte advised the victim was nodding off, and she would slump over then rise back up, coming in and out of consciousness numerous times. He admitted to making comments about her drug use and condition while filming. He confirmed that she got up and left the residence but stated that she returned with the injuries rather than him being the cause, the report said. 

Veglatte was ultimately arrested on charges of simple battery (domestic) and tampering with a witness. He was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $7,000 bond.

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