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Friday, December 8, 2023

Jealous boyfriend allegedly slashes woman’s tires for speaking to another man

A Leesburg man with a history of battery was arrested for pushing his girlfriend and slashing her tires after she spoke to another man.  

Anfernee Giovanni Clark
Anfernee Giovanni Clark

Police responded to a battery involving 29-year-old Anfernee Giovanni Clark and his girlfriend of six months in an undisclosed Leesburg area at 12:10 a.m. Monday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. 

The victim advised that she was driving in her car while Clark took a nap inside, the report said. She was talking to a male friend when Clark woke up and became upset. He proceeded to grab her phone and the speaker to throw them outside the car window. The victim pulled over, took her keys out and tried to find her phone. 

The victim was able to find her phone and tried to contact law enforcement for help. While she did so, Clark pulled out a knife and punctured the driver’s side back tire. He allegedly helped her buy one of the tires, but the victim did not specify, the report said. 

The victim then ran from Clark, and he chased her with the knife in hand. She was at a safe distance and list sight of him. She could not give the officer a definitive answer about whether she was in fear or not at that point. Clark was able to catch up to her without a knife and pushed her with his chest, the report said. 

While officers were on scene, a witness came forward and advised that he saw Clark push the victim. He stated he was setting up a lane change when the victim approached him saying she was in danger. She asked him to call law enforcement because her phone was not working. While on the phone with police, Clark approached the witness from behind and pushed him out of the way to get to the victim, the report said. 

After shoving the witness, Clark pushed the victim’s chest with open palms against his truck. He and the victim were in a verbal argument before she ran across the street. Clark followed her until law enforcement arrived, the report said. 

Clark later advised that he and the victim were in a verbal argument over her stealing about $300 from him, the report said. He claimed the argument never got physical. However, he admitted to stabbing the tire he allegedly purchased about two weeks ago. 

A criminal history check revealed Clark had two prior battery convictions from April 2018 and December 2021. He was arrested in July 2021 for a violent rampage involving his girlfriend at the time. 

Clark was ultimately arrested for simple battery (domestic – one prior conviction). He was transported to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $5,000.

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