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Big Dog Saloon bouncer identifies woman who kicked him in groin

Tina Lynn Roberts
Tina Lynn Roberts

A woman who tried to walk out without paying her tab allegedly attacked a bouncer at the Big Dog Saloon in Mount Dora.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched Thursday night to the Big Dog Saloon after a 911 caller reported the attack.

Deputies were told that a woman, later identified as 58-year-old Tina Lynn Roberts, wearing a yellow shirt was attempting to walk out of the bar without paying for her drinks. When a bouncer stopped her and requested she pay her tab, she hit him in the chest, slapped his face and kicked him in the testicles before running out of the bar. A deputy found Roberts just south of the bar. She refused to identify herself and claimed no one was struck at the bar. She started to walk away from the deputy and pulled away from him when he tried to stop her. The deputy was able to handcuff Roberts and took her back to the bar where the bouncer identified her as the woman who kicked him. She was transported to the Lake County Jail.

At the jail Roberts continued to refuse to give the deputies her name. She was fingerprinted and a records check revealed her identity. Since her criminal history revealed that she had previous battery convictions she was charged with a felony battery and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.

Her bond was set at $3,000.

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