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Man from Honduras jailed after repeatedly calling 911 asking to be deported

Osman Daniel Guerrero Bonilla
Osman Daniel Guerrero Bonilla

A Fruitland Park man was arrested Sunday night for misuse of 911 after he repeatedly called law enforcement and asked to be deported back to Honduras.

Police responded to the area of Urick Street and Paso Alley in reference to a man on a 911 emergency line requesting immigration, according to an arrest report from the Fruitland Park Police Department.

Law enforcement was familiar with the caller, later identified as 24-year-old Osman Daniel Guerrero Bonilla, due to four previous calls to 911 requesting assistance in being deported, the report said.

At about 6:55 p.m., the arresting officer spoke with Bonilla through a language line as he solely spoke Spanish. Bonilla told the officer he wanted to be sent back to Honduras. When the officer asked further questions, Bonilla just continuously asked for help being deported, the report said.

The officer instead advised multiple times that this was not a police matter, and he would need to speak with immigration services. Bonilla stated he understood and would walk somewhere until he was able to contact immigration, the report said.

Bonilla called law enforcement at about 7:22 p.m., again asking for assistance being deported. The language line informed him that if he used 911 again for a non-emergency reason, he would be placed under arrest for misuse of 911, the report said.

When Bonilla called again at 7:44 p.m., officers made contact with him while he was actively on the line with 911 emergency services. Through the language line, the arresting officer confirmed that Bonilla was informed of the misuse of 911. Bonilla was then placed under arrest and handcuffed, the report said.

While officers conducted a search of Bonilla’s person, he went unresponsive and fell backwards. An officer eased Bonilla to the ground and tried to wake him up with no result. Lake County Emergency Medical Services was requested at the scene, the report said.

However, Bonilla regained consciousness while waiting for EMS and began trying to crawl away from the officers. He was given multiple commands to stop in both English and Spanish or he would be tased. Bonilla responded by laughing and stating “no” before he continued to pull away, the report said.

Upon the arrival of EMS, officers and personnel placed Bonilla in an ambulance stretcher. While on the stretcher and attempting to secure him, Bonilla began to swing his head back and forth, striking one of the officers in the head. He was ultimately restrained and taken by ambulance to UF Health of Leesburg, the report said.

After receiving medical clearance, Bonilla was transported to the Lake County Jail for the booking process. He was charged with misuse of 911, battery on law enforcement officer and resisting an officer without violence. Bond was set at $2,000.

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