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Leesburg commissioners approve new plats for The Villages

Leesburg commissioners approved four plats for The Villages of West Lake during Monday’s commission meeting.

The Villages of West Lake is the first expansion of The Villages into Leesburg and these plats, No. 80, No. 81, No. 82 and No. 83 are located north of County Road 470 and east of the Florida Turnpike. The four plats will have a total of 263 single family homes.  With the approval of the plats the review of the zoning , site plan and construction plans was completed. The Villages can apply for building permits, construct and sell new homes on these plats.

The property being developed by The Villages was purchased from the city of Leesburg in 2018 for nearly $7.54 million dollars in 2018. The new subdivisions could have as many as 2,800 homes when fully developed.

The new residential  and commercial developments will add several thousand residents and millions of dollars to the cities tax base. The expansion of The Villages should result in a substantial increase in tax dollars for schools and public safety. Age-restricted developments place no students in schools while providing much needed funds to local educators. Police and fire budgets should also be enhanced as age-restricted new developments tend to have low crime rates and new construction tends to have fewer fires.

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