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Leesburg man puts up fight during arrest for striking woman

Alan Michael Aspinwall
Alan Michael Aspinwall

A Leesburg man jailed last year on domestic violence and resisting arrest charges was arrested again after a similar incident on Monday.

Alan Michael Aspinwall, 27, was charged with simple battery (one prior conviction) and resisting/obstructing without violence. He was previously arrested in April 2022 and charged with resisting without violence, simple assault, simple domestic assault, and criminal mischief.

Leesburg police responded to a report of battery at around 2:02 p.m. Monday. Upon arrival, an officer observed Aspinwall arguing with the female victim. Aspinwall said he was not fighting with the victim and that his vehicle was broken. The victim was extremely uncooperative with police as she confirmed there was no physical argument, according to the Leesburg Police arrest report.

The victim told officers her knee got scraped when she fell while pushing the vehicle. She said she was arguing with Aspinwall because he refused to help her off the ground when she fell. As the victim spoke, the officer observed a metal fishhook sticking out of her stomach and a scrape on her left knee, the report said.

The officer then met with a witness who showed him a video of the argument. The video clearly showed Aspinwall confronting the victim and pushing her on the chest using two open hands, causing her to fall to the ground. The victim remained uncooperative with law enforcement despite the video showing the strike. Aspinwall put his shirt over the victim’s in an effort to keep police from taking photographs of her injuries, according to the report.

The report noted that Aspinwall and the victim denied being in a romantic relationship. However, Aspinwall referred to the victim as his “wife” and his “girl” during a similar incident in March, making this a dating violence incident. Aspinwall also has a prior conviction for battery in May 2013 out of Lake County, the report said. He was arrested in January of last year for damaging property after his grandmother refused to give him money.

Based on the circumstances and evidence, the officers tried to arrest Aspinwall, who was in the rear of a vehicle. He refused to open the door, instead choosing to press down on the manual lock with his right elbow with his hands raised, the report said.

Officers gave multiple commands for Aspinwall to exit the vehicle, which he refused. They were forced to pull Aspinwall’s arm away from the lock while physically removing him from the vehicle. He continued to not comply by lying on the ground and refusing to get up. Officers had to pick him off the ground and put him in a patrol car, according to the report.

Aspinwall was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $3,500 bond.

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