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Former Leesburg mayor poised to escape prosecution after allegedly biting EMT

Attorney Robert Bone
Attorney Robert Bone is a former Leesburg mayor.

A former Leesburg mayor is poised to escape prosecution in an alleged attack at his home on an emergency medical technician.

Robert Bone, 59, head of the Bone Law Firm and a former Leesburg commissioner, earlier this month entered into a pre-trial intervention contract in Lake County Court. Bone must complete 20 hours of public service, pay court and prosecution costs of $400 and seek a substance abuse evaluation and treatment as directed by the pre-trial intervention program officer. If Bone completes the contract by Aug. 22, 2024, prosecution on a charge of battery on an EMT will be permanently suspended.

Bone fell and hit his head on Oct. 1 prompting his wife to call 911, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. His wife said Bone had been “heavily drinking all evening and had been abusing his prescription medication,” the report said. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, Bone was “laying on the bed” and “propping up his head.” He was bleeding from the nose and mouth.

When EMS workers woke him, Bone became “hostile” and started “yelling profanities.” He did not know the year and was “unsure” what city he was in, the report said. The emergency personnel wanted to transport him to a hospital for a CT scan.

The former Rotary Club president was placed on a stretcher, but became “physically combative.” He unbuckled straps and tried to get off the stretcher. One of the emergency personnel leaned forward and Bone bit his tricep.

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