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DUI suspect arrested after traffic crash in Leesburg

Javon Shadee Porter
Javon Shadee Porter

A drunk driving suspect was arrested at the scene of a traffic crash in Leesburg.

Officers were dispatched early Thursday evening to the intersection of West Dixie Avenue and South Second Street to investigate a traffic accident, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. The officers found 29-year-old Javon Shadee Porter of Leesburg sitting in the drivers’s seat of green Hyundai sedan which had crash damage. Porter appeared to be intoxicated.

After completing the accident report, Porter was asked if he had been drinking before the crash. Porter denied having recently consumed alcohol. He was cooperative with the officer when he was asked to perform standardized field sobriety exercises. He exhibited several indicators of impaired motor functions and was placed under arrest.

While being booked at the Leesburg Police Department, Porter agreed to provide two breath samples to determine his blood alcohol concentration. The first sample revealed .156 reading and the second  registered .149. Porter was taken to the Lake County Jail where he posted a $1,000 bond for the offense of DUI with property damage.

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