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Leesburg commissioners table Lee School rezoning after hearing from neighbors

Several neighbors of the Lee School property gave public comments at Monday’s commission meeting on rezoning.

The proposed Small Planned Unit Development (SPUD) called for 63 units. The Planning Commission, at its regular meeting on Feb. 23, recommended denial of the request by unanimous vote.

The planning commissioners were in favor of the redevelopment of the property but believed that the overall density calling for 63 units was to high for the surrounding area.

A rezoning request for Lee School has been tabled
A rezoning request for Lee School has been tabled.

The Leesburg commissioners are not legally bound by the planning commissioners’ recommendation but generally give serious consideration of their recommendations.

Several neighbors echoed the planning commission’s concerns regarding density. They also expressed that they believed that the traffic on Herndon and West Line streets would be adversely impacted. They also felt that their would be an increase on persons seeking to park on streets which were too narrow to support additional parking.

Commissioner Mike Pederson expressed concern that the parking for residents would not be sufficient and that there was insufficient parking for visitors to the complex. He suggested that the developer reconfigure the plan for 50 units. All of the commissioners expressed the need to develop the property and agreed to request a reconfiguration of the plan to no more than 51 units. They tabled this matter for 60 days to give the developer time to reconfigure the site plan. If the developer does not submit a new plan the zoning request will be denied.

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