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Nurse attacked by impatient man at Leesburg hospital’s ER

Treton Edwin Lecompte
Trenton Edwin Lecompte

A nurse was attacked by an impatient man waiting for treatment at the emergency room at UF Health-Leesburg Hospital.

A Leesburg police officer was dispatched early Tuesday morning to the hospital when a security guard requested that a man be trespassed from the premises due to unruly behavior.

The officer made contact with 26-year-old Trenton E. Lecompte of Weirsdale in the hospital ER. A male nurse was standing next to Lecompte and told the officer that Lecompte was not a patient, but was on a waiting list. He explained that Lecompte had been screaming and and demanding to call 911. The nurse told Lecompte that he would be transferred to a quiet room. He said he wanted to stay there and get help. He stood up and punched the nurse on the left side of his face. The officer subdued Lecompte and placed him under arrest for battery to a health care provider. As Lecompte was being placed in the patrol car he spontaneously said “I hit him because I wanted to feel safe.”

After processing at the Leesburg Police Department, Lecompte was transported to the Lake County Jail where bond was set at $5,000.

He was arrested in 2021 after an alleged attack on his girlfriend.

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