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Leesburg woman’s birthday celebration ends with trip to hospital after jealous attack

Ronald Charles Bunker
Ronald Charles Bunker

A Leesburg woman’s birthday celebration ended with a trip to the hospital after an attack by a jealous boyfriend.

The woman went out to celebrate her 65th birthday with her daughter on Jan. 21. When she returned to her home on Azalea Trail in Leesburg, her live-in boyfriend of 11 years, 63-year-old Ronald Charles Bunker, began arguing with her according to the Lake County Sheriff Office’s affidavit of probable cause. He accused her of cheating and told her to get out of the house. The woman grabbed a bowl which contained her car keys. Bunker told her “that you are not taking the bowl” and pushed her down onto a chair and grabbed her throat. He held her in the chair as he pressed on her neck which caused her to blackout. When she regained consciousness she grabbed his scrotum and squeezed it so hard he screamed.

A neighbor heard the ruckus and came into the residence and convinced Bunker to let his girlfriend go. She was transported to the hospital. No arrest was made on that date as the victim was at the hospital when deputies arrived. When she met with the Lake County sheriff’s detective on Wednesday she told him that she had a bruised esophagus, and a chipped rib, according to her hospital records. The detective took photos of her injuries and obtained an arrest warrant which was served on Bunker on Thursday morning.

The Michigan native was booked at the Lake County Jail for domestic battery by strangulation and battery on a person 65 or older. He posted $4,000 bond and was released.

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