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Angry woman accused of damaging BMW after man ignores her texts

An angry woman was arrested after damaging a rented BMW after a man ignored her texts and calls.

A Eustis police officer was dispatched Thursday afternoon to the 300 block of West Woodward Avenue  to investigate a report of a damaged vehicle.

When the officer arrived at the scene he found a man in the driver’s seat of a late model BMW. The officer saw that the man was covered in glass shards which appeared to be from the driver’s side window. There was blood visible on the door and side window. The officer also noted in his report that the windshield in front of the steering wheel looked like it had been punched almost all the way through.

The victim told the officer that 26-year-old Janelly Macias had come to his work place and was angry that he had not answered texts or calls she had made to him. He said that she jumped on his back as he was on the east side of the building and that he was able to throw her off him. He then got into his rented 2020 BMW to try and de-escalate the situation.

He locked himself in the car and saw Macias run to the back of the BMW and take the license plate off. He retrieved the plate from her car and got back into the BMW and rolled the side window up. Macias had thrown her cell phone at him which he tossed out of the passenger side window before locking all the doors.

Macias jumped on the hood of the car and punched the windshield and ripped off the wiper arms from the BMW which he had rented from Enterprise because his personal car was being repaired. He told the officer that the blood came from her hands when she cut them while attacking the BMW.

Macias was interviewed by the officers and said that she had been tackled by the victim but could not explain how that happened nor could she explain her bloody hands and the blood found on the damaged windows.

Macias was placed under arrest for criminal mischief and domestic battery. She was booked at the Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond.

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