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Woman arrested after brawl with jealous beau who hit her with breakfast sandwich

Jennifer Louise Reccoppa
Jennifer Louise Reccoppa

A Leesburg woman was arrested after a brawl with her jealous beau who hit her with a breakfast sandwich.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched Sunday to the 1200 block of Pine Island Drive when 39-year-old Jennifer Louise Reccoppa called 911 to report an attack.

Reccoppa said she had gotten into an argument with her man friend who accused her of having sexual relations with someone else. She said she went to the store to get a drink and her beau “went to get some food stamps to eat.” When she returned, she parked in the driveway and was blocked in when the man returned with his sandwich. She told the deputy that the man and a mutual acquaintance who had been working on a vehicle in the driveway began yelling at her. She said that she was threatened when her man friend grabbed a tool box and acted like he was going to throw it at her. She put the car in reverse and collided with the vehicle which had blocked her. She said she got out of the car to see if there was any damage and both men began yelling at her. Another woman came out of the house and started yelling, according to Reccoppa. Recccoppa then claimed she told the other woman to, “Shut your fat ass up.” That prompted her man friend to hit Reccoppa several times with his sandwich. The deputy noted in the arrest report that Reccoppa had no signs of injuries other than some mustard on her jacket.

However, the other witnesses told the deputy that Reccoppa was the aggressor.

Reccoppa was placed under arrest on a charge of domestic battery and transported to the Lake County Jail. She was released after posting $1,000 bond.

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