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Homeowner’s security camera aids deputy in capture of suspected thief

Brandon Alan Bowley
Brandon Alan Bowley

A Leesburg homeowner’s security camera aided a deputy in the capture of a suspected thief.

A Lake County deputy was dispatched to a residence in Leesburg when a homeowner called 911 regarding the theft of a brand new Craftsman push mower from his front yard.

The homeowner said he had been mowing his front yard with his new lawnmower when he decided to take a break before he started on the backyard. He said he was in his house for about 10 minutes and when he came out the mower was gone, according to an arrest report.

The homeowner showed the deputy a recording from his security camera which showed a white pickup truck park in front of his home and a man, later identified as 36-year-old Brandon Alan Bowley, wearing a blue shirt and dark-colored cargo shorts. Bowley exited the truck and walked into the yard where he grabbed the mower and bagger. He put those items in the bed of the truck and drove off. The deputy noted in his report that the man appeared to be looking around to ensure that no one was watching.

The deputy recognized the truck that Bowley drives and thought the man in the video looked like Bowley so he drove to 11626 Fairmont Ave. where Bowley resides. Upon his arrival, the deputy was greeted by Bowley who demanded to know why the deputy was at his home. The deputy noted that Bowley was wearing clothing identical to that of the suspect in the video.

The deputy placed Bowley under arrest. Bowley told the deputy that the lawn mower was on the curb and that he picked it up because he thought it was being thrown away. He told the deputy that he frequently finds “new stuff” on the side of the road.

When the deputy searched Bowley, he found a baggie containing marijuana in his right front pocket.

Bowley was charged with theft and possession of marijuana. He was booked at the Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond.

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