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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Lake school district extends school closures through Friday

TAVARES – With Hurricane Ian expected to intensify, Lake County Schools has confirmed plans for early student dismissal on Tuesday and school closures Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

On Sunday, the district announced tentative plans for an early release day and two days of school closures because of the possibility that many schools would be used as storm evacuation shelters this week. 

On Monday, after reviewing updated weather forecasts, district officials confirmed those plans and decided to close schools an additional day – Friday – to allow time for staff to clean up once the schools are no longer needed as shelters. Parents were notified by email and phone call on Monday afternoon. 

All schools will follow a Wednesday schedule on Tuesday, so students are dismissed an hour early and the district can start preparing schools to be used as evacuation shelters. Extended Learning Centers, or ELC, will maintain regular operating hours on Tuesday, and all other after-school events including sports will continue as planned.

Schools and district offices will be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 28; Thursday, Sept. 29, and Friday, Sept. 30. All after-school events will be canceled Wednesday and Thursday. officials will continue to monitor the weather, including flooding conditions, and a decision will be announced later regarding football games and other activities scheduled for Friday night. 

The district expects to resume normal school and district office operations on Monday, Oct. 3.

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