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Man accused of firing gun during spat at Palm Gardens RV park

Richard Joseph Kinchens
Richard Joseph Kinchens

An Apopka man was arrested after he reportedly “fired one off” during an argument at an RV park in Tavares.

Richard Joseph Kinchens, 39, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and two counts of possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted Florida felon after the incident, which happened Thursday at the Palm Gardens Cottages and RV Park, 1661 Palm Garden St.

A Leesburg Gas employee was working at the park and reported hearing two men arguing and a single shot fired. The reporting party told a Tavares police officer he saw one of the men leave the park in a white four-door hatchback vehicle. He said shortly after the shot was fired, he heard someone scream, “I fired one off,” according to the police report.

The officer spoke with one of the men, Christopher Jordan, who said he heard Kinchens and a female arguing. Jordan said he went over to see what the commotion was about. He said when he got there, Kinchens was walking to his car that was parked under the car port, the report said.

Jordan said he heard Kinchens say, “that faggot ass Chris,” to which he replied, “Faggot ass Chris is right here.”  Jordan said Kinchens got into his car and said, “I’ll see you down there,” and tried to pull out of the car port, according to the report.

Jordan said his SUV with a trailer attached was blocking Kinchens from leaving. He said he got into the SUV and was getting it out of the way when Kinchens fired a shot in his direction. Jordan’s 3-year-old son and another man were in the SUV at the time. Jordan said Kinchens fled the scene in a white hatchback car, the report said.

The woman Kinchens was arguing with told the officer Kinchens pulled into her yard on 2nd Bullhead Street and started arguing with her and acting like he was going to fight. She said Kinchens had apparently been accused by his girlfriend of having a fling with her, according to the report.

The woman said Kinchens then drove back to the incident location to confront his girlfriend. She said she walked over and saw Kinchens and his girlfriend arguing, along with Jordan. She said she saw Kinchens pull up to Jordan’s truck and then heard a gunshot and saw him flee, the report said.

One used round was found at the scene and the officer was told Kinchens had a handgun that was believed to be a 9mm. The manager at Palm Gardens told the officer Kinchens possibly went to his aunt’s house on Maple Wood Street, according to the report.

Kinchens’ vehicle was found at his aunt’s house. When contacted by phone, he agreed to meet officers. He was detained without incident. Kinchens said he wasn’t arguing with anyone and he didn’t shoot at anyone, the report said.

Kinchens was arrested and searched. Officers found one 9mm round in his pocket. Kinchens said he found it and does not own a gun.

Kinchens was taken to the Lake County Jail, where he was released Thursday night on $24,000 bond. He’ll appear in Lake County Court on Oct. 10.

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