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South Dakota woman arrested on DUI charge after BMW sideswiped

Mary Anna Vande Crommert
Mary Anna Vande-Crommert

A South Dakota woman’s BMW was sideswiped Tuesday evening by another vehicle which resulted in the woman’s arrest.

Mary Anna Vande-Crommert, 63, had been driving north on South Grove Street in Eustis when a Honda Accord attempted to change lanes. The Honda driver admitted to the Eustis police officer investigating the accident that he did not see the BMW and that he was at fault.

When the officer spoke to Crommert he noted that her face was flushed and he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. She also had a hard time standing and needed to lean against a wall for support, according to the arrest report. When asked about alcohol consumption she said she had finished drinking a 60-ounce “slammer” about an hour before the accident. She had been driving as her husband was intoxicated.

Crommert refused to consent participate in field sobriety exercises . She was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. At the police station she provided two breath samples which revealed a blood alcohol level of .111 and .122. A records check showed that she had three prior DUI convictions. She was taken to the Lake County Jail where bond was set at $2,000 which was posted the next day.

In 2019, Vande-Crommert was arrested by Lake County sheriff’s deputies on charges of disorderly intoxication and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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