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Woman who called police for help arrested on DUI at Home Depot

Angela Gorby
Angela Gorby

A woman who called police for help was arrested on a drunk driving charge at Home Depot in Leesburg.

Officers from the Leesburg Police Department were dispatched to the Home Depot store Tuesday morning when a woman called 911 claiming that a battery was being committed at that location.

When the officers canvassed the Home Depot parking lot they were unable to contact the alleged victim or offender. The dispatcher called the woman back and asked her to meet with the officers at the Home Depot parking lot.

Approximately 15 minutes later, 46-year-old Angela Gorby pulled in next to the officer’s patrol car. The officer asked Gorby if she had called to report a battery. When she rolled the window down, the officer noted in his report that he was “overwhelmed with the odor of alcohol emitting out of the vehicle and off the drivers’s breath.”

When the officer asked about the alleged battery, Gorby refused to give any details about why she had called 911 and then offered several stories that did not make any sense. Her eyes appeared to be bloodshot and glossy. She was slurring her words and had difficulty finishing her sentences.

After performing poorly on the standardized field sobriety exercises, she was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. She was taken to the Leesburg Police Department where she provided two breath samples which showed blood alcohol levels of .138 and .133. Gorby was taken to the Lake County Jail where bond was set at $1,000.

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