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Woman runs from car at gas station to escape alleged battering boyfriend

Christian Jordan St. Cyr
Christian Jordan St. Cyr

A 23-year-old Davenport man accused of battering his estranged girlfriend had drug charges added when police found marijuana in his vehicle while they were arresting him.

Christian Jordan St. Cyr was charged with simple domestic battery causing bodily harm, false imprisonment, and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. St. Cyr was previously arrested in Lake County in May 2021 on charges of possession of marijuana and aggravated stalking, according to jail records.

The victim told a Leesburg police officer that she and St. Cyr, her boyfriend of three years, are in the process of breaking up. She said she was unsure why, but St. Cyr was near her residence Thursday night when she went out to walk her dog. The victim said St. Cyr drove up and asked her to get in his car to talk about their relationship, according to the police report.

The victim said she was hesitant but got into the vehicle. She said St. Cyr started driving north on Citrus Boulevard, became hostile and started hitting her. The victim said St. Cyr struck her about five times with a closed fist in the areas of both arms, her chest and chin. She said the strikes were spaced out and not consecutive, the report said.

The victim said she asked St. Cyr to stop the car so she could get out, but each time the vehicle slowed down at a red light or in traffic, he would grab her leg and say, “Bitch, you’re not getting out,” according to the report.

The victim said St. Cyr made a left turn onto Martin Luther King Boulevard and pulled into a gas station parking lot, where she was able to get out and run away. She said she saw her mother in the area and ran to her, the report said.

The officer observed heavy bruising on the victim’s upper arms, chest and jaw area. As the officer prepared a probable cause affidavit, a report came in that St. Cyr was back at the victim’s residence, according to the report.

The officer responded to the victim’s home and found St. Cyr, who did follow commands at first but eventually complied. He was placed under arrest and his car was searched. Officers found 3.2 grams of marijuana, the report said.

St. Cyr was taken to the Leesburg Police Department for booking, and then to the Lake County Jail, where he is being held on $17,000 bond. He will appear in Lake County Court on July 11.

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