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Accused Walmart thief also charged with meth possession

Sheri Faye Watson
Sheri Faye Watson

A Leesburg woman accused of stealing from Walmart had a drug charge added when methamphetamine was found in a rolled-up $20 bill in her purse.

Sheri Faye Watson, 40, of 643 W. Oak Terrace Drive Unit A4, was charged with retail petit theft and possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) after the incident, which happened shortly after 10 p.m. Monday at the store, located at 2501 Citrus Blvd. in Leesburg.

A loss-prevention employee told a Leesburg police officer they observed Watson select a “Snafu” bike grip and conceal it in her purse. The employee then saw Watson place five more items in her purse along with a case of Mountain Dew in her cart that she did not pay for, according to the police report.

The employee stopped Watson after she passed all points of sale without paying. Watson was escorted to the loss-prevention office, where she removed the concealed items from her purse. The stolen items included two Snafu bike grips, one USB bicycle light kit, one pack of Chapstick, one container of Rustoff, and the case of Mountain Dew. Total value of the items was estimated at $67.83 before tax, the report said.

The officer searched Watson’s purse, which had been used to conceal the stolen merchandise, and found a folded $20 bill. After unfolding the bill, the officer found a small amount of white power that appeared to be a narcotic. Watson told the officer the substance was methamphetamine and that someone gave it to her. The powder field-tested positive for meth and weighed 0.5 grams, according to the report.

Watson was booked at the Leesburg Police Department and taken to the Lake County Jail, where she was released Tuesday morning on $2,500 bond. She is due to appear in Lake County Court on June 20.

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