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Leesburg High School student arrested after bringing loaded gun to school

A Leesburg High School student was arrested after bringing a loaded gun to school.

A substitute teacher on Friday noticed three students in the rear of a classroom who appeared to be smoking a nicotine device, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.

The substitute teacher contacted the in-school suspension teacher regarding the students’ actions. That teacher responded to the substitute’s classroom along with the assistant principal. The three students were taken to the administrative office where they were asked if they had anything in their possession that should not be in the school and agreed to a search of their persons.

The school resource officer was called to the office when the search revealed that one of the students had a 9mm Taurus pistol in his backpack. The officer examined the weapon and found that it was loaded with 9mm full metal jacket rounds with one in the chamber. He unloaded the weapon to render it safe. The backpack which contained the weapon belonged to a 16-year-old student.

When the school resource officer performed a records check, he found that the student has been listed as a known gang member in a law enforcement database.

The student was placed under arrest for possessing a firearm on school grounds and for carrying a concealed firearm. He was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice for further review and adjudication.

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