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Woman charged with DUI, drug possession after ruckus outside Crazy Gator

Deanna Iris Nolan
Deanna Iris Nolan

A Mount Dora woman was arrested on DUI and drug charges following a disturbance Thursday night outside  the Crazy Gator in Eustis.

A witness told a Eustis police officer she was leaving the bar/restaurant, located at 402 N. Bay St., with friends when 40-year-old Deanna Iris Nolan approached them and asked if there was a problem. The witness said after she told Nolan “no,” Nolan got into her blue Ford Mustang and started backing out of the parking spot. Nolan then got out of the vehicle, approached the witness and her husband, and tried to start a fight with the witness, according to the police report.

Upon arrival at the scene, another officer observed Nolan was swaying and unable to maintain her balance. The officer also smelled the odor of alcohol on Nolan’s breath and also observed she had red, glossy eyes. Nolan refused to participate in field sobriety exercises and became argumentative and confrontational with the officers as they led her to a patrol car, the report said.

Nolan was taken to the Eustis Police Department, where she was belligerent, slurring her words and unable to maintain her composure. She started insulting other officers in the booking room who were not involved in the arrest or investigation. Nolan refused to provide a breath sample, according to the report.

Nolan was taken to the Lake County Jail, where a search of her person turned up a small white pill with K-18 imprinted on it. A search of an online drug database revealed the pill to be Oxycodone 5 mg. Asked why she had the pill in her pocket, Nolan said she was holding it for a friend, the report said.

Nolan was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance (Oxycodone). She was released Friday morning on $3,000 bond and will appear in Lake County Court at 8:30 a.m. May 9.


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