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Construction to begin in September on Whispering Hills in Leesburg

Construction is set to begin in September on the Whispering Hills development in Leesburg.

Earlier this month, the Leesburg City Commission approved the 1,088 acre development. The approval was not without controversy as residents raised concerns about the developmentā€™s impact on area infrastructure.

You can see the plan at this link: whispering_hills_phase_plan_pg1

Construction Journal detailed the Whispering Hills plan which calls for 2,942 residential units to be constructed. Plans call for 2,302 units which will be single-family homes and townhomes with an additional 640 multifamily units. The plan also calls for 451,000 square feet of commercial space which would include medical and business offices as well as a hotel. The first phase will consist of 700 single family homes and a golf course.

Marsan Real Estate Group is in charge of the development.

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