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Suspected thief at Walmart in Leesburg tracked down thanks to license plate

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Brynne Rose Marrero

A suspected thief at the Walmart in Leesburg has been tracked down thanks to her license plate.

Brynne Rose Marrero, 33, of Lake Mary was arrested the day before New Year’s Eve in connection with the alleged theft that took place Oct. 14 at the store on Citrus Boulevard.

Lost prevention employees at the Walmart observed a woman and a man load several high-value items into a grocery cart. While the man pushed the cart to a fire exit door, the woman went to get a gold Saturn SUV which she drove up to the  door, got out and helped the man fill the SUV with merchandise from the cart. When a Walmart employee attempted to stop the couple, the man swore at him and they drove off.

A Leesburg Police Department detective obtained a surveillance video and photos. The SUV license plate led to Marrero. When the detective ran a criminal search on her, he found that she was on probation in Orange County. Marrero’s probation officer confirmed it was her in the surveillance images. With that information, the detective obtained an arrest warrant for Marrero.

She is facing charges of retail grand theft and resisting a merchant. She was booked at the Lake County Jail. Bond was set at $11,000.

Her male companion on the day of the theft remains at large.

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