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Leesburg mother and daughter arrested after fleeing alleged forgery attempt at bank

Savanna Wilburth.jpg
Savanna Wilburth
Susan Wilburth.jpg
Susan Wilburth

A Leesburg mother and her daughter were arrested after fleeing an alleged forgery attempt at a local bank.

An employee of South State Bank in Tavares called 911 on New Year’s Eve reporting an attempt to pass a forged check, according to an arrest report from the Tavares Police Department. The driver, a woman in a blue Honda van, was still in the drive-through lane when officers arrived on the scene at the bank on East Burleigh Boulevard.

When the patrol car pulled up behind the Honda, the officer could see two women in the front seat turn and look at the squad car. The Honda accelerated at a high rate and drove out of the bank parking lot.

The van parked next to a dumpster and three people got out. When the officer came near the dumpster, the trio began walking away.

The three suspects were identified as 61-year-old Susan Wilburth, her daughter, 34-year-old Savanna Wilburth, and a man who was not charged.

When questioned Savanna Wilburth said her mother was driving the van when they went to the bank, but admitted she switched seats with her mother when the police showed up. The bank teller identified Savanna Wilburth as the driver who presented the forged check. The police found several additional identification cards in the car.

Susan Wilburth was charged with fleeing to elude law enforcement and driving while license suspended. Her daughter was charged with uttering a forged check and driving while license suspended. They were booked at the Lake County Jail with bond set at $3,000 for Susan Wilburth. Savanna Wilburth was being held with no bond as she has a pending probation violation for grand theft motor vehicle.

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