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Man charged with cutting woman’s throat at Leesburg motel enters plea in court

Raheed Marshall
Raheed Marshall

A man charged with cutting a woman’s throat at a Leesburg motel has entered a plea in court.

Raheed Marshall, 28, of Leesburg, pleaded not guilty Thursday before Judge James R. Baxley in Lake County Court. Marshall is facing multiple charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The woman was staying at the Lee Motel at 201 S. 14th St. when Marshall allegedly removed the screen from the room’s window and forced his way in, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.

He began to beat the woman, pushed her onto the bed and slapped her several times in the face. He took out a “silver knife with a razor blade attached to the tip,” the report said. He began cutting her throat and told her he was going to “shoot her in the face.”

Officers noted in their report that the cut marks on the victim’s throat were bloody, but not deep. She refused medical treatment and completed an intent to prosecute Marshall.

Marshall continues to be held at the jail on $52,500 bond since his arrest Dec. 16.

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