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Leesburg woman with history of traffic arrests runs red light while ‘running late’

Kayla Symone McNair
Kayla Symone McNair

A Leesburg woman with a long history of traffic arrests ran a red light because she said she “was running late.”   

Kayla Symone McNair, 29, was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of High Street and North 14th Street in Leesburg.

A Leesburg police officer observed a black Toyota Camry cut across two lanes to get into the left turn lane and run a red light while using the left turn lane to continue south on North 14th Street. The officer pulled a u-turn and followed the Camry.

During a traffic stop, McNair admitted she ran the red light, but said she did so because she was “running late.” A review of McNair’s driving record revealed multiple arrests for driving while license suspended as well as arrests for failure to appear. Lake County Court records indicate 13 cases in which McNair was arrested or ticketed in connection with driving violations.

McNair was arrested on charges including driving while license suspended and reckless driving. She was booked at the Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,500 bond.

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