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Exotic dancer apprehended by deputies using high-tech equipment 

Dakota Knighten
Dakota Knighten

An exotic dancer was arrested in the wee hours after a high-tech chase.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies had been watching a known drug house in the Bassville Park neighborhood of Leesburg this past Thursday when they observed a woman get into a red car and drive away. She drove to an Internet casino on County Road 473. The deputies ran a search on the car’s license plate which came back as registration expired and the registered owner deceased.

When the red car left the casino parking lot, a deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The red car began to accelerate and the deputy fired a Starchase GPS bullet which stuck to the rear of the red car. The deputy backed off from chasing the red car which had accelerated to 86 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Deputies were able to remotely track the vehicle without chasing it because the GPS bullet fired from the squad car is a projectile which carries a GPS unit which sends a location signal every 3 seconds to the deputies’ on-board computer. 

Deputies converged on the abandoned vehicle when the GPS unit indicated it had stopped on Lemon Street. A K-9 officer deployed his dog which tracked down the driver, 23-year-old Dakota Marie Knighten of Ocklawaha.

Knighten was booked at the Lake County Jail on charges of fleeing to elude an officer with disregard for the safety of others and driving while license revoked for DUI. She was booked without bond as she had been free on bond in connection with a previous arrest.

She had been arrested at age 19 when she was caught with marijuana.

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