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Leesburg woman allegedly attacks neighbor who complained of loud music 

Monica Denise Felton
Monica Denise Felton

A Leesburg woman was arrested late Saturday morning after allegedly attacking her neighbor in a dispute over loud music.

According to the Leesburg Police Department’s arrest report, 40-year-old Monica Denise Felton had begun to play very loud music at 7 a.m. that morning. Her neighbors had complained about the loud music which Felton has played on high volume several times in the past. They called the police that morning to lodge a complaint.

When the police responded to the Birchwood Court Apartments they found the victim, his wife and Felton in the corridor separating the apartments. 

The victim told the officer that Felton approached him, struck him in the face and  proceeded to kick him in the leg. The victim told the officers he pushed Felton away and they began to argue, which they were doing as the police arrived. The victim’s wife verified his account of the attack. The police noted that the victim was bleeding from lacerations in his mouth.

The police then placed Felton in handcuffs and noted in their report that Felton was extremely intoxicated. A records check revealed that Felton had several previous convictions for battery. After processing Felton at the Leesburg Police Department, Felton was booked at the Lake County Jail charged with the third degree felony of battery with prior convictions. Bond was set at $2,000 which was posted later that day.

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