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Leesburg teen arrested in theft of check he cashed at convenience store

Stacy Harvard
Stacy Harvard

A Leesburg teen was arrested after allegedly cashing a stolen check at a convenience store.

Stacy C. Harvard, 18, allegedly cashed the $450 check at 7 Stars Discount Store at 2005 W. Main St. in Leesburg, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.

The next day the store manager received a call from the owner of the Mobil gas station down the street from 7 Stars Discount. He was told by the Mobil owner that someone had tried to cash a check that he thought might have been stolen from the Brick & Barrel, a business in Leesburg. The 7 Stars manager went to Brick & Barrel and was told by the manager that a number of checks had been stolen. The 7 Stars manager then called police and showed officers the video of Harvard cashing the check. He told them that Harvard had been a customer of 7 Stars Discount for several years and was well known by store employees.

The police contacted the manager of the Brick & Barrel who confirmed that the check cashed by Harvard had been stolen from his business. Harvard was arrested on charges of forgery, theft, and dealing in stolen property. Harvard was booked into the Lake County Jail with bond set at $5,000.

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