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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Leesburg couple busted after crashing car while fleeing deputies

Kelly Crane
Kelly Crane

William Fogg
William Fogg

A Leesburg couple with criminal histories found themselves behind bars after crashing a car while fleeing law enforcement.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy on patrol late Monday evening ran a records check on a white Lincoln which revealed that its tag had expired. When he attempted a traffic stop near the 7-Eleven store on State Road 19, the Lincoln sped off at a high speed. The deputy then saw the Lincoln go sideways and slam into a chainlink fence. He was able to reach the Lincoln as a man and woman were getting out of the passenger side of the vehicle. As they attempted to run from the car, the deputy ordered them to stop and threatened to use a taser if they did not halt.

William Fogg, 35, and Kelly Crane, 35, surrendered to the deputy. The deputy found a glass pipe with what appeared to be drug residue near the area where he handcuffed the couple.

A search of the vehicle revealed a black bag which contained a powder which field tested as cocaine. Fogg admitted that the bag belonged to him. A bag containing a white crystal was found on the floor of the front seat where Crane had been sitting. The white crystal was field tested and was determined to be methamphetamine. Crane admitted it belonged to her.

Crane was free on bond after an earlier arrest for possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine.

Fogg was out on bond for a previous arrest when he was found with a concealed weapon, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Both were taken into custody and booked at the Lake County Jail.

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