Home Crime Leesburg man arrested after stabbing victim airlifted to UF Health Shands Hospital

Leesburg man arrested after stabbing victim airlifted to UF Health Shands Hospital

Marcos Ricks
Marcos Ricks

A Leesburg man has been arrested after a stabbing victim was airlifted to UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Leesburg police officers were dispatched Wednesday afternoon to a residence on Stinson Street regarding an argument which resulted in a victim being stabbed. At the same time, a detective was sent to UF Health-Leesburg Hospital where the wounded man was initially taken by family members.

The detective dispatched to the hospital was able to get a statement from the victim, who identified himself as the husband of the mother of 26-year-old Marcos Ricks. He told the detective that he had been involved in an argument with Ricks, who had been living with them for several months. He said he told Ricks that he should move out as he was “disrespecting” his mother and him. He then said that he had gone into another room to move some furniture when Ricks came from the kitchen area and stabbed him in the back several times. The victim had some difficulty talking due to suffering collapsed lungs that were filling up with blood from four deep stab wounds on his back. As the victim’s condition worsened, he was airlifted  to Gainesville.

Officers at the Stinson Street residence talked to the victim’s common-law wife and their two sons who confirmed the stabbing victim’s statement.

During an interview at the police station, Ricks said there had been an argument between himself and his stepfather that escalated when his stepfather began to strangle him. He then told them that as he was being strangled he grabbed something that the victim had on his belt and struck the victim on his side.

Ricks then said the object may have been a box cutter that the victim used at work. Ricks claimed that he had to stab the victim to defend himself from being strangled. He also said that after the victim stopped choking him, he twice smashed Ricks in the face with his fists. The police in their report noted that Ricks had no marks on his face or throat. The report indicated that there was no evidence supporting Ricks’ claim of self defense.

Ricks was arrested on a charge of attempted murder and was transported to the Lake County Jail where he was being held without bond.