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Leesburg man arrested after barging into neighbor’s house

Vernon Jones
Vernon Jones

A Leesburg man was arrested after barging into a neighbor’s house looking for his girlfriend.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies were called at about 5 p.m. Sunday to a home on Picciola Road after 40-year-old Vernon Jones entered the home looking for “Tiffany,” according to arrest report. The woman who lives in the house with her two children, told him no one by that name lived in the home and ordered Jones to “get the hell out of my house.”

Jones fled across the street.

Jones told deputies that his girlfriend of four years, Tiffany, told him she was living in the house with her family. Jones also told the deputies that he had lived in his house for about three weeks and then said that Tiffany also lived in Clermont. He told them that Tiffany had called him and texted him about coming over to see her across the street. When the deputy requested to look at his phone and the texts, Jones refused to show the deputies his phone.

A review of Jones criminal record showed that he had been released from the Lake County Jail on Aug. 26 where he served 120 days for numerous charges. He also had a previous conviction for trespassing.

Jones was arrested on a charge of trespassing and booked at the Lake County Jail on $500 bond.

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