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Sister calls 911 after alleged attack by teen brother

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Jaylin Kidd

An argument between a brother and sister Monday afternoon led to the brother’s arrest in Leesburg.

The siblings began to argue in the living room of their residence located on Sheffield Road. Their mother and younger brother left the room as the argument heated up.

Jaylin Kidd, 19, told his sister to “shut up,” but she refused. He jumped over the couch and began to choke her to the point she was having trouble breathing. She was able to free herself and ran outside.

Kidd followed her outside and struck her in the face. She called 911 and Leesburg police officers were dispatched to the residence. They observed a red mark on her face.

When questioned by the officers, Kidd admitted to striking and choking his sister. Kidd’s mother and brother told the officers that they saw him choking the girl.

Kidd was arrested on a charges of domestic battery by strangulation and simple battery. He was booked at the Lake County Jail on $5,000 bond.

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